Head Girl's Message


“Imagine with all your mind, Believe with all your heart, Achieve with all your might”.

Honourable Provincial Sister, Julia Victor, respected Manager Sister Doreen, Most loving Principal, Sister Alice Joseph, other Sisters,all my dear teachers and Annites, a warm good morning .

I stand before you today feeling incredibly grateful for the incredible honour I have been given : the chance to serve as the Head Girl of St Ann’s Senior Secondary School, one of the most reputed schools in Roorkee.

We all are here to learn, to dream, to grow and to contribute and this is what will make our life worthwhile. I am humbled by the trust placed in me by Sister Manager , Sister Principal , all our sisters, teachers and my dear Annites.

What keeps me going is going....

It has been a long journey to reach this point and without the support of my family, friends and teachers , I would not have achieved this level of success. I would like to thank everyone who have imparted their knowledge and given me the guidance and discipline to become who I am today.

But a leader is only as strong as the people behind them. That being said, it's important to recognize the incredible contributions of my teammates and classmates. The support, trust and encouragement I receive from all of you everyday have been invaluable to me throughout the life.

I am so fortunate and I know that the trust placed in me as the Head Girl is a promise that I will do everything in my power to be the best that I can be in my new role.

Team is like a tool set , not one tool can do all jobs but all tools together can do wonders. With the support and cooperation of my Annites I am confident that we'll work together to accomplish amazing things this year.

Last but not the least, a special thanks to my parents and family who have supported me and always believed in me and made me believe that I have the capability to do , to achieve what I want to.

Thank you once again for placing your confidence in me. Let's make happy memories together.

Finally, this is me Shreya Naithani signing in, as the head girl of St. Ann's Senior Secondary School Roorkee.

Thank You