Admission Withdrawal

Admission Withdrawal

At the time of the registration, the birth certificate has to be produced and once registered, the date of birth cannot be altered. Pupils who have attended another school cannot be admitted without a transfer certificate even for a short time.

Every pupil seeking admission must be introduced in person by her parent or authorized guardian to the principal and must pass an entrance examination. The pupil selected for admission must produce an application form supplied by the school with the transfer certificate from the previous school attended, bearing the counter signature of the district inspector of the school or equivalent of the concerned state.

Admission to the school is restricted by conditions of age, conduct and an entrance test. The principal reserves the right to refuse any of the applications without having to assign a reason for her decision.

No leaving certificate will be issued unless applied for by the parent or guardian in writing and all the dues have been paid. Fees is due, until no notice of withdrawal is given and the pupil's name remains on rolls.

If a pupil is withdrawn after January, fees upto march must be paid. A duplicate copy of the transfer certificate shall be issued only for adequate reasons in which case a fee of Rs. 200/- shall be levied.

Application for the transfer certificate must be made on the prescribed form printed in the diary and a sum of Rs.100/- will be levied as T.C. fees.