O God, source of life and origin of every blessing, we
give you thanks for our founders Carlo and Giulia.
Give us also deep faith and openness to the problems
of society and to the education of the new
generations. Grant us the grace we pray.


The noble couple Marquis Carlo Tancredi and Marchioness Giulia Di Barolo founded the congregation of the Sisters of St. Ann of providence on 10th December 1834 in Italy.

Though of noble origin Carlo Tancredi and Giulia Di Barolo stooped down with humility and love to raise up the afflicted, the ignorant, the poor, the abandoned and marginalised persons of the society. They utilised their wealth, energy and time for the education of children and youth in addition to other services rendered to humanity.

Following the footsteps of our founders the Sisters render their service of education to inculcate the values, discipline, hardworking nature and Patriotism etc. for the all round development of students.